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These systems are quite essential to a smooth-running and driving vehicle. Come see us for any parts or accessories to keep any of these systems working well.
Most cars use an independent suspension system, where each wheel moves up or down independently without affecting the other wheels. Some cars and most trucks use a solid axle suspension in the rear, where the axle moves up and down like a seesaw and the movement of one wheel causes a corresponding movement in the other wheel.
Steering System
The two most common types of steering systems are rack & pinion (used on most cars) and recirculating ball (used on trucks and utility vehicles). The rack & pinion system is similar to the independent suspension system in that it offers better control and handling. The recirculating ball system, like the solid axle system, is stronger and more robust, which is better suited for larger vehicles and trucks. When the steering gets off, you could end up off the road!
If your car is bouncing down the road, shock absorbers are most likely your problem. They dampen the shock the suspension receives when the vehicle is driven over rough or uneven road surfaces. A suspension strut—also referred to as a MacPherson strut—combines a shock absorber and coil spring into one assembly. This reduces the weight of the components and saves space, providing a lighter and more compact suspension system. Need these? We’ve got your covered!
Power Steering
Those of us who have driven older cars remember how hard it was to steer before power steering came along. Power-steering systems use hydraulic or electric power to exert extra force on the steering gear, which makes steering almost effortless for the driver. Keep that fluid filled and see us if your power steering is steering you wrong…