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Brake Pad Shoes

We all know that pushing down on the brake pedal slows a car to a stop. When you can’t stop the car, there’s no telling where you’re going to end up—in a wreck, in a wall, in a ditch. Oh my!

CostLess Auto Parts stocks a complete inventory of brake and traction parts and accessories, including pads, shoes, cables, calipers, brackets, discs, drums, hoses, sensors, and more:

ABS Hydraulic Unit

ABS Pump/Motor

Anti-Lock Brake Control Module

Anti-Lock Brake Sensor Lead

Backing Plate – Brake Shoe

Banjo Bolt

Brake Adjusting Screw Assembly

Brake Adjusting Screw Spring

Brake Bleeder Screw

Brake Cable

Brake Cable – Guide/Pivot

Brake Calipers

Brake Caliper Kits

Brake Disc Hardware Kits

Brake Disc Pad Clip

Brake Drum – Front & Rear

Brake Drum Adjusting Lever

Brake Drum All-In-One Kits

Brake Drum Bar

Brake Drum Self Adjuster Cable/Link

Brake Drum Self-Adjusting Kits

Brake Hold Down Pin

Brake Hold Down Spring

Brake Hoses

Brake Hose Kit

Brake Hose Plug

Brake Hydraulic Hose Clip

Brake Line

Brake Line Fittings

Brake Pad Wear Sensor

Brake Pads – Front & Rear

Brake Pedal Pad

Brake Pedal Position Sensor

Brake Power Booster

Brake Proportioning Valve

Brake Return Spring Kit

Brake Rotor – Front & Rear

Brake Sensor – ABS

Brake Shoe Hold Down Cup

Brake Shoes – Front & Rear

Brake Sleeve or Stabilizers

Loaded Caliper Pair

Master Cylinder (Brake System)

Master Cylinder Cap

Master Cylinder Cap – Performance

Master Cylinder Gasket

Master Cylinder Kit (Brake)

Master Cylinder Reservoir

Parking Brake Cable Equalizer

Parking Brake Hardware Kit

Parking Brake Pedal Pad

Parking Brake Release Handle

Parking Brake Release Switch

Parking Brake Shoe

Power Steering Control Valve Kit

Rack & Pinion Seal Kit

Relay – Anti-Lock Brake


Sensor – Brake Fluid Level

Steel Brake Line Adapters

Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly

Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly

Wheel Cylinder Kits

Wheel Seals