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Batteries & Accessories

Automobile batteries store chemical energy rather than electrical energy. Aside from working as a power source for electric cars and a starter for gasoline cars, the battery also works as an electrical equalizer, meaning that dangerous voltages are absorbed by the battery from the car’s electrical system. This protects the vehicle from being damaged by transient electric charges.

In Tucson, the extreme weather conditions can shorten the life of a battery. What this means is you’re not going anywhere without a properly working battery. Think of CostLess Auto Parts first when you have battery needs. We’ll get you started. We carry:

        Automotive Batteries

        Battery Cables & Battery Terminals

        Battery Chargers & Maintainers

        Battery Chemicals

        Battery Relays & Battery Switches

        Battery Testers

        Battery Tools

        Battery Vent Tubes

        Commercial Batteries

        Lawn & Garden Batteries

        Marine Batteries

        Motorcycle Batteries

        Repair Manuals

        Solar Battery Chargers

        Wheeled Battery Chargers